Mobile first - Cloud first

Well my, oh my. Even Microsoft gets it now. The desktop is dead. Browsers are dead. Mobile is king and mobile needs cloud-based services that scale like nobody's tomorrow. Yes even Microsoft gets it. Imagine that.

PC sales are down 15% year over year, and yes some of that has to do with the disaster that is Windows 8, but the trends are clear. iPhone sales are up, Android sales are up, tablets and PCs are down.  Facebook, for goodness sake is taking more than 50% of their revenue from mobile now. The trends couldn't be clearer. 

People now take their computing with them. In their pockets. Ready 24/7 to access apps, to search to communicate to stay connected. That lump of computer in your study, bedroom or office feels so last century. Because it is.

The questions dear readers (and there are increasing numbers of you, thank you very much) the question is ...   Is your business on this new trend line? Are you staying connected with your customers on their 24/7 Galaxy 5 or on that lump of hardware sitting turned off in the corner of their bedroom?

Look around your management team in your next ExCom meeting and ask yourself if they get it? And if they don't what's it gonna take to join the 21st century?