What do you want from your IT?

Does this sound familiar?

Your IT team is so busy keeping the servers running, making minor updates to business systems, fighting off massive spam attacks, and simply keeping all the plates spinning that never seem to have time to innovate, plan, or contribute to strategic thinking with the CxO team?

If this rings a few bells then you're not alone. Most CEO's complain that their IT is so operationally focused that they are no help in the Board Room and that they seem to miss all the new trends like mobile and cloud. 

But ask yourself this question: have you brought your CIO into the conversation?  When she asked to spend some money to hire a strong IT Ops Manager so she could focus on strategic business issues did you say yes or say no?  

Just what do you want from you IT? World class operations and service delivery? Business innovation? Does IT stand for "In Trouble" or "Innovative Transformation?" Is IT about Technology Operations or is it about strategic business investment in growth and efficiency? 

To a large extent, companies get the IT they ask for. They get the IT they deserve. If you want them to change you have to start by asking yourself, "just what do I want from my IT?"