Jeff Wolfers

Jeff Wolfers.jpg

A results oriented executive and professional consultant Jeff is focused on improved service delivery, reduced cost and improved quality for your IT and Operations departments.

His track record includes significant roles in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas. He's turned around operations, developed more effective IT, and delivered global transformation programs for many companies including HSBC and National Commercial Bank. Most recently he’s again been in the Middle East driving transformation for a major Kuwaiti bank.

Jeff’s methods align IT and Operations functions with strategic business imperatives by leveraging modern, metric and KPI based measurement, process improvement, agile development and the latest in technology developments to propel business forward. At ease in the Board Room and the shop floor, Jeff’s delivered value at every stage.



2000: Banking and Technology Award, Most Innovative use of Technology - UK Internet Banking Service
2008: Banking Technology Award, Most Strategic use of Technology - Finance Transformation Platform

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